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Razors & Scissors - Best men's salon in Islamabad for grooms


Men’s skin has specific needs and challenges that require professional care and attention. That’s why at Razors & Scissors, we offer Guinot Facials for men, the ultimate facial treatments that will cleanse, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin.

Guinot is a renowned French skincare brand that has been developing cutting-edge facial treatments for over 50 years. Guinot Facials use advanced technology and high-quality products to stimulate the facial muscles and improve the skin’s functions.

Guinot High-Frequency Oxygenation

For acne prone, oily, mature and weather damaged skin

This facial treatment uses high-frequency electrodes to infuse oxygen into the skin. It is ideal for those with skin damage from pollution, sun, and weather. It helps to detoxify the skin, prevent and heal acne, and fade acne scars and dark spots. The oxygen helps to keep the skin youthful and healthy.


This is our top choice for grooms.

Guinot Hydra Radiance Facial

Suitable for every skin type especially men with dry & sensitive skin.

This facial is suitable for people with sensitive skin type. This treatment is mild and gives the skin radiance and hydration.

Guinot Whitening Facial

For all skin types with uneven complexion

Whitening facial illuminates the darkened areas of the skin. it is suitable for people with uneven skin tone and dark spots. This facial works with the melanin in our skin to recover the natural complexion.

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